Strategic Initiatives

  • Antalis Creative Power

    As a multi-specialist paper merchant, we also aim to offer you, designers, communications and marketing professionals, end-users and printers, a wealth choice of creative papers.

    Because opting for a creative paper rather than a standard coated or uncoated paper can make a concept more relevant, a message more impactful and bring real added value to an application. That is why we launch a major initiative under the umbrella, Antalis Creative Power. Through this initiative, we combine a large product offering and associated services to help you to make the right  choice of creative papers. You will be able to influence, captivate, impact your audience…In a short, empower your ideas and concepts.

  • Creative  Papers

    Papers and boards in a wide range of textures and colours for truly creative designs.

    Fashion led colours, metallics and translucents, modern textures and unusual finishes are brought together to help you find the ultimate creative solution to any creative communication you are producing. These diverse papers, boards and envelopes are made to the highest quality standards so you can be sure your communication will fully meet the expectations of your customers. Increasingly, environmental considerations are playing an important role in the decision making process and, to support this trend, there are plenty of options within this range which include forestry accreditations, such as the FSCTM standard, and recycled paper choices. The range from Antalis is one of the most comprehensive available and includes many products manufactured by the leaders in this market sector.

    photo © Maud Vantours

    • Fashion led colours
    • Suitable for litho, screen printing,
    UV varnishing, embossing, foil blocking, thermography
    • Range of weights from 80 to 400gsm
    • Range of sizes from SRA2 to B1
    • Choice of textures
    • Manufactured using only ECF or TCF pulps

    • All FSCTM certified
    • All ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accredited
    • Special makings available (minimum order 2 tonnes)
    • Matching envelopes (only Conqueror) 
    • Specific range for digital application (liquid and dry toner)
    • Most of the brands included recycled papers