Technical Information




Find out about Conqueror's
technical information


Since 1888 Conqueror has been consistently produced
with the highest standards, ensuring a perfect sheet formation,
no dusting or ink pink to bring you the best print results.


Printing and handling guidelines

• Fully FSC® certifified
• Printing processes suitable for all Conqueror products
• Four colour litho
• Screen printing
• UV varnish
• Embossing
• Foil blocking, thermography
Guaranteed for digital printing on paper weights
  (see individual specification sheets for weights covered by this guarantee)

> Screen ruling

• 150 dpi (Laid, Contour, Stonemarque, Iridescent).
• 175 dpi (Wove, CX22, Bamboo)
• 200 dpi (Print Excellence)

Note: These are guides only as the image content and type will influence the screen ruling to be used.

> Suitable inks

All suitable inks for uncoated papers. Oxidising inks preferable for Conqueror Iridescent and laser
guaranteed inks where this will be a part of the finishing process

> Environment

Conqueror has an unparalleled reputation for environmental innovations: in 1991, the brand was the first on the market to launch a Recycled range and by 2006 all its papers were fully FSC® certified. They are now classified as CarbonNeutral® in 12 European countries. In an ongoing pursuit of greener papers, Conqueror launched the brightest and cleanest 100% Recycled paper but also pushed the boundaries of innovation with a completely new material: fast growing and renewable Bamboo! The Bamboo is responsibly sourced and selected with care. And the 5 shades in the range reflect this level of care – no OBAs (optical brightening agents) in the Natural White, and the colours are created using only natural (ochre) pigments from the South of France.

>> Download technical data sheets here:

• Wove                                       
• Print Excellence

• Bamboo / Connoisseur                • CX 22
• Contour / High Speed Laser         • Laid

• Iridescent / Stonemarque