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Let's fight together for truth

There are many people who believe that paper is not eco-friendly. "It contributes to deforestation"; "We must avoid printing at all costs", ‘"We must stop producing millions of copies of printed catalogues", "We must fill in all administrative forms online.", "Companies with zero paper policies are much more eco-responsible". We often see email and campaign signatures in favour of zero paper policies. Companies, our customers, think they are acting as responsible citizens by saving paper. As a result, our economic sector is suffering. This is largely because the public has a false image of paper.

We have decided to act and we need your help, as together we can fight against these misconceptions.

We have designed and produced communications tools, which can be used by each of you, to broadcast well-argued, rational, reliable information backed by facts and figures about the extent to which our industry is in fact environmentally responsible. These tools are neutral and refer to a video which lists all the environmental advantages of paper. If each one of you uses these tools regularly with your customers, we will reach thousands of people who will, in turn, reach thousands more. You will find below the tools as well as information on how to use them.
Let’s work together to debunk myths about paper.​


Did  you know? video

Myths and facts on the environmental impact of paper

Discover why the paper industry is one of the most eco-responsible industry and contributes to reforestation.  You want to know more?
Just ask Antalis.


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