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Our  Corporate and Social Responsibility Strategy

As a leading international distributor of communications support materials, we understand that our development must take into account economic, social and environmental concerns.

Antalis Corporate Social Responsibility actions are fully in line with its parent’s company Sequana’s global strategy. The aim is to ensure that the group and all its entities embrace responsibility for the company’s actions related to economic, social, ethical  and environmental concerns.


Sequana aims to make profitable business on the long term, with strong ethical and responsible values including economics, people, social and environmental issues. Our Responsibility is to ensure that the core values of the group are implemented and reinforced in our day to day business”. Pascal Lebard, Sequana’s CEO

With this common policy, delivered through four pillars and eight initiatives, Sequana and its branches cover the main concerns for a leading company from the pulp and paper sector.

The four pillars of our CSR strategy :

- Governance (CSR policy, business ethics).
- Natural resources (traceability, Energy and Water consumption)
- People (Safety, skills and diversity)
- Product offer with eco responsible  products

To enforce this commitment, all Antalis countries have adopted the Sustainability Charter.