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Edixion Offset:

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Printing and handling guidelines

> Set up
Strapping bands (if applied) should be removed shortly after delivery.

Store the paper in the printing room for 24 to 48 hours before printing so that the temperature
is balanced between the paper and the room when printing. Ideal press room conditions should
be 50% +/-5% relative humidity at 20°C.

Outer wrappers should be removed only when ready to print.

Slitting: keep the paper grain (// to the large side) perpendicular to the printing direction.

> Pre-Press
Large printed surface: under color-removal necessary

Intense full colors:

- Black: blue support (40%) recommended

- Colours: for dot areas over 320%, one or several Under Colour Removals are recommended.

Screen ruling:

- Suitable with all existing half tone technologies
- Recommended for Offset = 52 lines / cm (133 lines per inch)
> Printing
Printing techniques:
- Edixion Offset: litho printing, silk screen, letterpress, waterless litho printing.

Finishing & converting : Foil blocking, Embossing, Spot varnishing, Perforating, Drilling, Die-cutting, Pre-ceasing (recommended for and above 150 g/m²).

Unwrap the paper only at the last moment before printing and re-wrap it immediately after the print run.

Do not use set-off powder when printing with Print Speed Laser-Jet.

Inking: conforming to the intensity of the proof ; suitable with any good quality ink ; For pre-print, use inks that are laser compatible.

Switching: 30 minutes to 2 hours after printing.

> Finishing
Varnishing: print, dispersion, UV, spot, relief, iriodin, scented and acqueous.

Lamination: foil lamination > 130 g/m².

Embossing, gold stamping, die-cutting, perforating, drilling.


> Shaping
Folding: parallel to the paper grain ( // to the large side).


- Pre-creasing before folding is recommended from 135 g/m², scoring with counterpart.
- from 200g/m2: wider scoring in the back of the pleat.

Cutting: wait 24 hours after printing ; Make sure that the blade of the guillotine is sharp enough in order to avoid dust deposits.

> Storage
Protect the paper against any risk of moisture during the storage period.