Cocoon Range and Choice

Range and choice



Are you looking for one unique brand
for all your communication needs?


Cocoon offers a full range of 100% recycled quality papers,
with high whiteness and excellent environmental credentials.
Look below at the Cocoon offset, you will find what you need!







Cocoon Offset is a top quality, 100% recycled, uncoated offset paper with excellent whiteness (CIE 150), an ultra smooth surface, consistent finish and outstanding printability along with the best opacity.

> 100 - 120 - 160 - 200 - 300 gsm

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Cocoon Silk is a coated 100% recycled paper with a semi-matt finish, FSCTM Recycled certified. Cocoon Silk meets the same performance standards as non-recycled paper, with excellent runnability, printability and whiteness (CIE 126).

> 130 - 170 - 200 - 250 - 300 gsm

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