Range and choice




With a wide variety of whites, colours and finishes...

There is a Conqueror product to suit your needs, no matter what the size of your company.
Continuous investment in research and development and development puts Conqueror
permanently at the cutting edge of technology, constantly proposing contemporary new lines:
iridescent papers, new textures, cotton or bamboo-based paper, digital compatibility...

Available in 6 finishes



Conqueror Laid


Laid is one of the best-recognised finishes in the Conqueror family. The series of horizontal and vertical lines is a reminder of a time when paper was handmade. 

> 100 - 120 - 220 - 300 gsm

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Conqueror Wove

Wove is a rich, warm sheet famous for its reliability.

> 100 - 120 - 220 - 300 gsm

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Conqueror CX 22

CX 22 is super-silky, crisp and famous for its reliability where fine images and good ink lift
are essential. Available in 100% recycled made from the finest post-consumer de-ink
paper waste providing a cleanest and brightest recycled premium paper.

> 100 - 120 - 160 - 250 
    320 and 400 gsm

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Conqueror Bamboo

Bamboo is a stunning, modern paper with a natural touch and feel, produced from the pulp of fast-growing bamboo and totally natural pigments.

> 120 - 250 gsm

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Conqueror Iridescent

Iridescent is a stylish and innovative range of
papers with pearlescent and metallic surface
effects which enhance printed images.

> 120 - 250 gsm

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Conqueror Contour

Contour has a tactile, hammered effect
which identifies the sheet as a premium communication medium.

120 - 
250 gsm

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CX22_144x111.jpg Laid_144x111.jpg Wove_144x111.jpg
Conqueror CX22 Conqueror Laid Conqueror Wove

Digital Printing

• Liquid Toner printing: AWCP Digital, the digital range from Arjowiggins Creative Papers, contains a key selection of Conqueror papers, specially primed for liquid toner printing and available in the ready-to-use digital format (46x32 cm).

• Dry Toner printing: Most Conqueror papers are compatible with most dry toner presses. Many papers are available in the ready-to-use format while other papers may have to be cut before printing.

For more information on compatibility, click here