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  >> Curious Metallics, a new spectrum of 30 colours

  When creatives select paper, their first criterion is frequently colour. By broadening the spectrum of
  Curious Metallics, the aim is to inspire creativity and make the unique physical qualities of these
  papers accessible on a much wider variety of projects.


  The new Curious Metallics spectrum is arranged across eight-to-use ‘families’ to simplify the mixing and matching
  of papers. Each family contains colours that clearly relate to each other and pair up easily. The different tones in
  each family also complement tones in other families of colours across the Arjowiggins’ palette making possible
  harmonious combinations across ranges that are endlessly sophisticated and new.


  Curious Metallics is our range of natural wove papers and boards designed to bring a sophisticated metallic
  shimmer to premium print and packaging. Besides, with its high bulk and rigidity, perfect printing homogeneity,
  low dusting and the shortest drying time, Curious Metallics is the perfect metallic paper for demanding
  printers and designers.