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Range and choice


Keaykolour: a new way of looking at colours
The bulk of the palette has been structured by colour and value into an easy-to-understand grid of nine families, such as reds, blues, greens, greys etc… Each colour family offers pastel, bright, haltone and profound hues, especially developed to simplify the process of mixing and matching papers with each others.


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Now made with FSC® certified virgin pulp for brighter colours, the mass-tinted range offers a wide choice of sophisticated colours with a rich touch. Neutral colours such as Lichen, Cobblestone, Grey Fog, and Steel will be perfect for customers looking for sobrierity with a touch of modernity.  Rich and refined colours such as Orchid, Prune, Port Wine and Carmine, will add a touch of luxury to any communications. Vivid colours such as Lipstick, Pumpkin, Chili Pepper and Azure will for sure make your printed projects stand out.



Keaykolour 100% Recycled


This entire range is made from 100% post-consumer recycled pulp. Choose from a selection of natural looks such as Camel or with effects such as Particles, and Chalk ! This range of colours and finishes, inspired by nature, reflects our continued commitment to quality and innovation.





Digital printing

• Liquid Toner printing: AWCP Digital, the digital range from Arjowiggins Creative Papers, contains a key selection of Keaykolours papers, specially primed for liquid toner printing and available in the ready-to-use digital format (46x32 cm).

• Dry Toner printing: Most Keaykolours papers are compatible with most dry toner presses. Many papers are available in the ready-to-use format while other papers may have to be cut before printing.

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