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>> It's time for creative directors and brand owners
to rediscover the power of paper!

Antalis launches the Papercard campaign to showcase
the work of 12 international artists with 12 different
papers and printing techniques.

The Papercards mailing campaign is the first milestone in the Antalis Creative Power initiative and targets
15,000 creative, marketing and communications professionals around the world. These professionals typically
decorate their walls and desks with funny, surprising or offbeat photos, posters and illustrations that have
captured their imagination or whose artistic originality they appreciate. With the Papercards campaign, Antalis is
inviting itself onto their walls, or rather 12 illustrators, photographers, designers... Twelve Papercards will be
sent on a different creative paper, using a different printing technique to clearly show how the

right choice of paper can enhance the work of each of these artists.  

This papercard showcases the work of Andreas Kauppi, a young Swedish photographer who lives and works in Upsalla.
It presents an image from his series ‘Strange Days’ inspired by the music of The Doors and Pink Floyd. With these images,
Andreas tried to express a mood, a feeling, to show visually how this music projects him beyond reality. He added plastic to
his 7D lens to create this extraordinary effect which allows us to catch a glimpse of the world as he sees it - a universe which
can perfectly express its uniqueness on Rives Sensation Matt Tactile Bright White. This creative paper is natural to the touch,
lightly coated with an extreme matt surface which gives depth to the intense black shades of Andreas’ work, all the while
subtly reproducing his delicate greys thanks to its excellent printing performance.