am a Corporate Communication Manager

We have an exciting range of creative papers including Olin, Curious Collection and Keaykolour to help your communication campaigns to really stand out and get noticed. Our experienced team can help with technical advice and environmental certifications too.


A symbol of premium quality paper


The world gold standard for business communication. For over 100 years, image conscious businesses around the world have chosen Conqueror for its reliability and as a statement of quality.

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Inspired by green technology


The innovative range of extra-white FSCTM recycled papers offering excellent printability.

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All you need is in


Olin is a complete range of premium offset papers available in many shades, weights and finishes to enhance your designs.

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Curious Matter

Touching the impossible


A unique and bewildering feel, like the impossible fusion of sand and silk. Curious Matter offers you a whole new paper experience.

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Paper Consultant

Looking for new matters, seeking for technical advices, samples, printed solutions… Get in touch with our paper consultants !


Making the right product choice at the start of a project saves precious time and money further down the line. Our 130 paper consultants worldwide can recommend the best paper or material for specific processes, advise on environmental and technical specifications and keep up-to-date with the latest innovations. They have extensive knowledge of our collections and paper industry and are here to support you whenever you need them. We  can offer training to help you and your team to become an expert of paper. You can come to us or we’ll come to you to deliver workshops or training on paper and environmental issues.

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d2b for Corporate Communication Manager


To get the best return out of your direct marketing campaigns or to know what a cross-media marketing campaign can bring to your business, just connect to Antalis d2b.

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Choose a responsible partner


As a leading international distributor of communication materials, Antalis is mindful of its environmental responsibility. Working with Antalis means choosing a business partner committed to a continuous improvement approach with the target of reducing the environmental impact of its products and activities, increasing social welfare for its employees and promoting responsible governance in the way Antalis runs the business.

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Print Power

Antalis is an active member of Print Power


Print Power is a pan-European organisation dedicated to promoting print media and its role in modern integrated marketing programmes and campaigns.

This  organisation comprises a wide range of companies representing the entire print media value chain—production, distribution, printing, content and delivery.

This gives Print Power a unique level of expertise and experience in all areas of the print industry.

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Let Creative paper help you share the visual identity of your company


Your company  is classic or modern, bold or conventional ? Whatever, discover the largest range of our Creative papers and select the best matching with your image.

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